Friday, July 27, 2012

Gemsbok (Oryx) almost drowns on Skeleton Coast

I wish this was me , but I cant take credit for it. This was taken from another blog (Artigli Social Café )

Skeleton Coast National Park to the Kunene River mouth.

We were driving along the beach close to Bosluisbaai on our way to the mouth of the Kunene when we came across 3 gemsbokke. Two ran towards the dunes and the other straight to sea.

Believe or not but the gemsbok is in there somewhere.

Part of its head above water. Some of the people in our party reckoned that the gemsbok could stand and was never in real trouble, I beg to differ.

While taking these photos I was trying to explain to Ciske its not save for me to try and help it...

Just as we contemplated leaving as not to witness the eventual drowning.

After staring at us for what seemed like minutes (but probably 20 seconds) it took off.

 Taken from: [27.07.2013]

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