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This Day in History: Aug 26, 1966: The Namibian War of Independence starts with the battle at Omugulugwombashe.

In 1966 the United Nations General Assembly revoked South Africa's mandate to govern South-West African territory and placed it under direct UN administration. South Africa refused to recognize this resolution.[4] South West Africa People's Organization (SWAPO) at that time prepared for armed resistance and founded its armed wing, the People's Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) in 1962.

 File:SWAPO logo.jpg

 Many of its erstwhile commanders were in exile but PLAN began to infiltrate the north of Namibia to establish training camps. Omugulugwombashe was one such training camp, established in June 1966 by PLAN commander John Ya Otto Nankudhu. The group under Nankudhu had just started to build defensive structures[1] and planned to train about 90 soldiers there.[5]

 NAMIBIA: People's Liberation Army of Namibia training in Angola, circa 1983.

On 26 August 1966, eight helicopters of the South African Defence Force attacked the guerrilla fighters at Omugulugwombashe. At the time of attack there were only 17 soldiers in the camp.[6] It was the first armed battle in the Namibian War of Independence.[7]

Among those PLAN fighters captured and imprisoned were:
 File:SADF-Operations 4.jpg

In commemoration of the day, August 26 is a public holiday in Namibia. It is recognized by the United Nations as Namibia Day[11] but Namibians refer to it as Heroes' Day.

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