Monday, November 7, 2011

THIS DAY IN HISTORY : 1991: Magic Johnson announces he is HIV positive

November 7: 1991: Magic Johnson announces he is HIV positive

On this day in 1991, basketball legend Earvin "Magic" Johnson stuns the world by announcing his sudden retirement from the Los Angeles Lakers, after testing positive for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. At the time, many Americans viewed AIDS as a gay white man's disease. Johnson (1959- ), who is African American and heterosexual, was one of the first sports stars to go public about his HIV-positive status. Read more...

American Revolution
1776 : Post office stays in the Franklin family

1965 : Art Arfons sets land-speed record

Civil War
1861 : North and South clash at the Battle of Belmont

Cold War
1957 : Gaither Report calls for more U.S. missiles and fallout shelters

1983 : A family is brutally murdered

1940 : Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapses

General Interest
1885 : Canada's transcontinental railway completed
1940 : Tacoma Bridge collapses
1944 : FDR reelected a record third time
1989 : Two African American firsts in politics

1980 : "King of Cool" Steve McQueen dies

1913 : French novelist Albert Camus is born

1943 : Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell is born

Old West
1916 : Jeannette Rankin becomes first U.S. congresswoman

1944 : FDR wins unprecedented fourth term

1991 : Magic Johnson announces he has HIV

Vietnam War
1964 : U.S. intelligence asserts numbers of North Vietnamese in South Vietnam growing
1966 : McNamara shouted down at Harvard speech
1972 : Nixon re-elected president

World War I
1914 : First issue of The New Republic published

World War II
1944 : Soviet master spy is hanged by the Japanese

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