Monday, September 26, 2011

Eat, Pray, Love & Run?

So I watched a girly movie last night. My wife fell asleep halfway but as my view rules go: No matter how crap the movie is…finish it!  The movie was Eat, Pray, Love. The scenery in this movie was unbelievable and the camera work was fantastic. Even the acting was great; I just didn’t like the story. It’s basically a story of a woman that can’t commit…how can you do a whole story about that?  She just leaves her husband one day because she can’t be married anymore? Why did she get married in the beginning?  I always think of marriage as the same as planning and getting a baby, you can’t just decide later on to give the baby away because you do not want it anymore. You have decided to have one and that is it. In this story and I have heard it’s a true story, she just wake up and decide not to be married anymore.  And just to make matters worse is to take religion and use it as a short term answer to her problems that she actually caused herself.  You can call me unromantic and so on, but this movie makes being married so cheap and getting divorce so easy to do. So I am tired of people using the misery of another person to show and boost the happiness of another person and then tag it as Romance!  I would love to see a the sequel to this movie…with a women like that I am sure the title will be Eat, Pray, Love & Run…again.

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